Funny Differences Between Americans And Canadians

  • USA flag

  • Canada flag

  1. Canadians are more likely to take off their shoes in the house.
  2. Canadians don’t get to experience the joys of Pandora and Spotify due to licensing restrictions.
  3. Americans are more confrontational.
  4. Canadians put more emphasis on higher education.
  5. The US sees itself as a melting pot, while Canada sees itself as a mosaic.
  6. Canadians tend to trust authority, whereas Americans are suspicious of it.
  7. Americans are more individualistic.
  8. In the political sense, Canadian politics tend to be more liberal. This doesn’t mean that Canada doesn’t have conservative politics; it certainly does. The political system is a lot less polarized, however, and doesn’t pull to the extremes as much. (It has 5 primary political parties.)
  9. Canadian have  two official language on a national level, English and French. Americans have NO official language on a national level; each state decides whether or not to adopt (English) as an official language.
  10. Canadians talk about the War of 1812 a lot. Americans aren’t quite sure what that is. Boston Tea Party anyone?
  11. In the US, talking about American politics is taboo, but in Canada, talking about American politics is a national pasttime
  12. Americans are much more polarized on almost everything.
  13. Canadians pretend Canada has no problems. Americans pretend the US just has “quirks.”
  14. Both Americans and Canadians think they are more “free.” In Canada this is due to more progressive policies; in the US it is due to lack of government policies.
  15. Although Canadians do feel quite a bit of connection with their province/city, Americans identify much more with their state than they do with the country as a whole (except for Quebec…Canada’s Texas)

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