What Makes Dead Sea fascinating 

  •  It may be called the Dead Sea cause of it’s salinity, but it’s technically an endorheic salt lake with the Jordan river flowing into it. It retains all the water and does not flow into any other lakes, seas, or oceans.
  • Rocks dissolved by rainwater make it so salty, and 9.6 times salty than ocean
  • At 420 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on land.
  • It’s an archaeological gold mine and also used to mine potash
  • The Dead Sea is drying up, and evidence shows it could be completely dry in 50 years if nothing is done. Israel and Jordan have partnered to pump water into the lake from the Red Sea to stop this from happening.
  • It took millions of years for the Dead Sea to form.
  • There’s a prophecy that it will be made fresh.
  • In Islamic teachings, it stands as God‘s punishment.
  • Ancient Egyptians used it to embalm mummies.
  • The thick salt allows people to easily float and nearly impossible to swim in the dead sea but people easily drone inside it.
  • It’s the deepest salt lake on earth with a very unique climate and extra oxygen
  • Before he was King of Israel, David continuously was on the run from King Saul because he challenged his reign. In the book of Samuel, it says that David took refuge at Ein Gedi which is right next to the Dead Sea.
  • It’s a popular place for health research.The salt and mud from the Dead Sea is used for spa treatments.
  • Herod the Great used it as a vacation get away.
  • In his book The Innocents Abroad, Mark Twain wrote about his visit to the Dead Sea, saying, “A silence broods over the scene that is depressing to the spirits. It makes one think of funerals and death.” Clearly, he wasn’t a fan.

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